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The Amity Affliction // Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice
I was. For 4 years. I was.


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Love is messy. It’s dangerous and irrational. A risk. One cannot ask to fall; they’re simply pushed for the angels’ amusement. Love doesn’t always work: there are punches thrown and souls drained of life and words that stick to your skin no matter how hard you scrub. Love is chaotic; broken and confused; a black hole in the middle of shark-infested waters. But love…love is worth it. Love is always worth it.

I’ve always loved love. I dreamt of winters spent curled up in somebody’s arms, spring nights filled with stargazing, endless days that turned into evenings as the sun set and the moon returned home. I always had so many emotions bottled up inside me – I claimed love in moments of weakness. But I never understood that love wasn’t always smiles and daisies; I was never shown what was lurking behind the candy shadows and plastic petals.

I remember falling in love with you before I’d ever spoken to you. I fell each time I heard you speak; each time somebody spoke about you – glowing with praise. I fell in love listening to you in class, watching you blush when being handed a bouquet of admiration. I fell every time we sat and talked, every moment your eyes sparkled with delight. I fell when you revealed pieces of yourself, handing me writing simply because. I fell in love when you embraced me as I am, and when you smiled at me. I fell at 4am on Sunday mornings, and 11pm on Tuesday nights. I fell and I didn’t stop falling for one second. I still fall a little more each day.

I love you. I want to scream it from rooftops and whisper it to the clouds and write it across my forehead to remind everyone else. I love you and I am proud to love you. I will never stop loving you; you’re under my skin and in my bloodstream and between the crevices in every bone. You’ve stolen my heart and I don’t want it back because it feels safe in your palms. There is nobody quite like you – and it almost scares me that there will never be somebody to replace you if you leave.

-L.G. Valentine’s Day Excerpts (via introv-erted)

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